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"The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why."
- Mark Twain

Pathways and Pursuits strengths consulting integrates CliftonStrengths top 5 results with CoreClarity’s dynamic and comprehensive framework. This brings color and clarity to the CliftonStrengths® Assessment, making your results more memorable, understandable, applicable and ultimately actionable.





Choosing a career can start as early as high school or can happen at any time in our lives. Knowing yourself is key to preparing for a career where you will thrive. Making the wrong choice can end up in frustration, dissatisfaction with your career, additional years of school, increasing debt, and feeling stagnant.

Who might benefit from this?
- High School Juniors** (2nd semester)

- High School Seniors**                - College students                         - Anyone switching or beginning a new career



At any point in our lives, there is value in knowing ourselves better. Learning about ourselves and our strengths helps us at work, with friends and family, and in relationships. Learning to appreciate the uniqueness of ourselves and each other helps to tackle things like self-limiting beliefs, feeling stagnant, feeling drained of energy, loss of direction, blind spots, and relational conflict.


Discovering our strengths helps us to feel empowered. Using our strengths helps us to feel energized, productive, and fulfilled.

Woman with Bible


As Christians, we know that God has a purpose for each of us. Discovering that purpose is a question that many of us struggle with, hoping to find a simple, straight forward answer. But the answer is actually embedded in the process of discovering the tools He has given us to use.


These tools are our talents, our God-given talents. And we are tasked to learn them, use them, and develop them. Once we have done this, we can begin to fulfill our calling. Knowledge of self is the first step in understanding God’s greater purpose for us.



Additional Consultation time
to dig deeper.

$125/each for 60 minutes

All packages include:

  • (1) 75-minute consultation call or meeting

  • (1) invitation to the CliftonStrengths® Assessment for top 5 talents

  • Full CoreClarity strength profile with an enhanced coaching package

  • A comprehensive review of all 5 strengths.

  • All downloadable pdfs for worksheets and self-discovery.

  • Access to discuss, explore, and ask questions via e-mail for 1 month

Packages Starting From: 

*Couples (done together) - 2 hour call/meeting: $450.00
 **High School Student package includes:
-All the above items plus:
30-minute pre-meeting/call with a parent to prepare
Package cost for High School student (or parent-involved college student) is: $295

Cancellation Policy:

We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 2 days before the beginning of your appointment or you will be charged a cancellation fee of $100. If you do not show for your appointment or cancel it less than 24-hrs of the set appointment time, you will be charged the full amount. However, you will be given 10 days to reschedule your appointment, which must be made within 14 days of your original scheduled appointment. If at that time, your appointment cannot be rescheduled, there will be no refund. 

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