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"Don't shine so that others can see you; shine so that through you, others can see Him."
- C.S. Lewis

I started my career in the healthcare industry, working each day to help people become their physical best. The longer I practiced in my field, the more I was fascinated about people and what actually makes them feel their best.

We all seek happiness in our own way, but true fulfillment comes from a  synergy of physical health, mental or intellectual achievement, spiritual connection and growth, and emotional awareness.  

My passion led me to an exploration of these additional elements. I spent years studying various inventories and assessments to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how we think, act, feel, react, and process life. Along the way, I was introduced to the incredible organizational framework of CoreClarity.

This creative and dynamic model combines the fundamentals of strengths psychology, originally developed by Don Clifton, PhD and arranges it into a simple-to-visualize, yet comprehensive system for self-realization. It paves the way to a better understanding of not just who you are, but how to understand others around you; to create teams that are more productive and balanced; to find compassion instead of frustration for those who think and act differently; to guide you toward your calling in life; and to find fulfillment and joy in the present and future.


Senior Consultant, Jille Dorler

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